Saturday, 15 June 2013

Review: Seventeen Trio Eye Shadows

Hello lovelies,

Now I don't really do eye shadow at all, I just get it wrong and end up looking like the glitter fairy has had a party on my eyelids. I look at people who manage to do amazing smokey eyes and who just have the knack of getting it right, where I do not. It doesn't help that I'm pretty much as blind as a bat and trying to apply something to your eyelid with minimum vision is never going to end up being a masterpiece.

However, I received a voucher through the post from Boots for being an Advantage Card holder, which allowed me to pick up one of these sparkly beauties for £1 which is pretty darn good considering the usual price tag is £5.49. After having a good play round, I opted for the trio of "Metallic Toffee" which is a selection of neutral shades. I have blue eyes and golden shades are meant to bring out your eyes supposedly,  the trio is made up of a dark brown, a light gold and a iridescent white. The trios are designed so that the colours all work together.

I have to be honest and say that I wasn't expecting anything much from the trio in terms of pigmentation and staying power. I've used the odd Seventeen product in the past and thought yeah it's alright, that's what I expected. However, this surprised me, from the photos, you can see that the shadows are heavily pigmented and when I applied them to my eyelid, they went on smoothly with little fall-out.

All the shades work really well together. I tend to do a golden smokey eye using the gold as a base, the brown in the upper corner to create some depth. The white works brilliantly on the inner corner as a highlighter opening up the eyes. Using a primer, this trio will last all day.

As for the packaging, it's simple, small and sturdy. It's easy to open and compact enough to pop into a makeup bag whilst giving you a choice of colours.

Without the voucher, I probably would have completely bypassed this. The trio is great for everyday wear but you could use it to create a golden sophisticated smokey eye evening look too. I've got my eye on the "Vengence" trio which appears to be a mixture of copper tones and would look great with green eyes.

Seventeen Trio Eye Shadows are available from Boots for £5.49 and the whole range is currently on buy one get one half price, the perfect time to stock up!

Have any of the trios took your eye?

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