Sunday, 9 June 2013

June Wishlist

Hello lovelies,

You know when you just spot items and know that you need them in your life....exactly!June Wishlist

As I'm moving to France soon, anything that has stripes, I'm channeling  Not stereotyping anyone at all.
£25.99 at Zara

I've been looking for the perfect pair of navy trousers, I want them to be smart enough to dress up but at the same time, something that I can just fling on and feel comfortable in. These seem to just fit the mold  although the price may be out of my reach, I know Whistles will be excellent quality.
£65 at Whistles

These sandals just make me go oooooh pretty. There's no other way to describe them.

I think it's the colour that just pops out, I've always been too scared to wear orange but I think a great way of introducing colour is by using accessories. 
£22.99 at Zara

What can't you wait to get your hands on?

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