Saturday, 29 June 2013

Empties /1

Hello lovelies,

Hope you are all having a great weekend! I've been at work all week so making the most of a chance to rest. Today I've got a post on my empties for this month, I don't have one for ages and then they come along like buses. I wasn't sure whether to do this post or not but I thought it would allow me to show you what I have been using and items that I would or wouldn't buy again.

These are just going to be mini reviews but if you would like a full review on any product, just let me know.

This has an instantly recognisable cucumber scent. which may put some people off but I do love cucumber! This is designed for all skin types and I would say it's no better or worse than any other toner I've used. It's something that I might pop into my basket if I'm running low, for me, it was just an alright product. I've started reading Caroline Hirons blog and she suggests using a toner that has an exfoliating effect, so I'm on the lookout for a high street toner that does the job.

I've had this for donkey's years and made a real effort to use it up. Unfortunately, it had dried up a bit so I had to throw some away. This should be suited to my skin but I found it a little drying on my forehead, it certainly purged my pores but I think there are other face masks that work better with my skin. Saying that, it's good value and did help clear my skin up, I think I would buy it again if they did a sachet size.

Radox Spa Care Wellbeing Shower Gel
This had a lovely fresh scent and lathered up really well, unfortunately it's no longer available but I'd definitely purchase other Radox washes once my shower gel mountain has decreased.

Now to be honest, I don't feel like I'm at a point where I really need eye creams and so on but I include one in my routine anyway. This was so cooling and refreshening, I can't say I saw any effect on my under eyes but  it's something that I may pick up again.

This only worked for me when topping up my tan, I found starting from my pale self, I ended with build up and streaks. Scent wise, there was none of the biscuit smell but an apricot fragrance, which was fresh. I think I'll stick to Palmer's Gradual Tan.

Can you recommend me an exfoliating toner to try?

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