Thursday, 13 June 2013

NOTD: Mavala the ELLE Orange

Hello lovelies,

I'm actually disappointed with myself saying this is my one and only Mavala nail polish. What's worse is that I've had it since 2011 and always thought an orange nail polish is not going to suit me, it'll just wash me out.

The ELLE Orange was created to celebrate the magazine's birthday and was given away free alongside the magazine. I think I had heard good things about Mavala and thought I may as well try them out, still not sure why I picked the orange though!

The Elle Orange is an intense and vibrant orange with a red undertone. I feel like it's more of a vermillion-red. It's a perfect summer manicure shade that just screams look at me! 

This applies so easily, you could easily get away with one coat and away. I would say it's a gel formula with a glossy finish. The photos are of second day wear without a top coat and so far I'm impressed. There appears to be a slight wearing away on the edges but that doesn't surprise me but no chips.

It wasn't the quickest at drying, I would say it needs 10-15 minutes but I usually apply nail varnish in the evening watching tv so I'm not sitting there waiting for it to dry. I think I'll try this with a top coat just to see how long it lasts.

Mavala nail polishes come in a mini 5ml bottle which is about half the size of what you normally find but honestly I'd rather pay less and get a smaller bottle. I can't say that I've ever finished a nail polish, they tend to go gloopy before I get anywhere near that stage.

Unfortunately as this was a limited edition nail polish, this colour is no longer available. I've had a little search and found Mavala Jaipur from the Chilli & Spice collection which appears to be very close shade wise and is available for £4.50 with free worldwide delivery. Everyone loves a bit of free delivery.

Have you tried any Mavala nail polishes? 

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