Friday, 9 August 2013

Top 5 Winter Coats

Hello lovelies,

Now today, my post is my top 5 winter coat picks. Now I know you're thinking it's only August but there's method in my madness. Every year, the shops start bringing us winter coats in the middle of summer and I spot one and think I'll get it later on when the weather has changed. I go back and they've sold out. I'm in desperate need for a coat that will see me through A/W as my oh-so-beautiful bargain French Connection mulberry coat is on its last legs and the time has come for us to go out separate ways.

(From left to right)

M&S Collection Double Breasted Bouclé Biker Coat with Wool: £89.00
I adore this, I've never seen anything quite like it before. A biker style jacket incorporated into a Winter Coat. The angled zip is so edgy and would work well open or closed. It's not clear on the picture but there's faux leather which lines the edge of the zip and just adds a bit more detail.

Next Khaki Trim Parka: £75
The link on the Next website won't work but it's the first one in the listing. This is a more casual A/W coat and would see you through the seasons. It has a detachable lining so could be worn into Spring, I would team it up with a girly dress and boots.

Warehouse Double Breasted Reefer Coat: £95
This isn't something I would normally go for but on a trip round Debenhams, this jumped out at me. I love the tailored structured look. It's so beautifully made, excellent quality and would definitely last a few years.

Topshop Ponte Biker Jacket: Was £65 now £30
This jacket has a lovely oversized feel to it, perfect to sling on with jeans and a snood. It would look fabulous with layering underneath it in the Winter.

Zara Houndstooth Coat: £109.00
This is my splurge coat but yet it still looks more expensive than what it it. Zara always come up with exquisitely crafted coats and this one is no exception. 

Have you started looking for a coat yet? Or is it just too early?

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