Thursday, 7 November 2013

Review: V05 Plump It Up Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion

Hello lovelies,

Lets just get this out the way, my one aim in life is to have big voluminous hair... think Beyoncé. So anything that promises to inject a bit of volume and life into my hair is going to make it's way into my bag. After I've bought it of course... My problem is that I have lots of hair but it's fine, so can just end up getting dragged down by products, I've been on a search for that miracle product for years.

I have to get this out the way first, this is not a lotion. A lotion to me is something that has a cream like consistency that you rub throughout your hair, this is a spray. I'd seen reviews of items from the same range but never anything about the Plump It Up spray, so I decided to risk it and give it a go.

After washing my hair and towel drying it, I liberally spritz this all over my hair from the roots to the ends, there's no point having voluminous roots if the rest of your hair is flat. Then I tip my hair upside down and blow dry it. 

I was actually surprised by the results, my hair resembled a lions mane until I brushed it out and tamed it, I was left with very thick looking hair, which is a mean feat considering my hair type, and even after straightening, I still had big hair. But in a good Beyoncé way. 

Just a few things to note about the spray; it has heat protection within it, which is always an added bonus as I can't always be bothered to use it (bad me!), it doesn't leave your hair sticky and I find the volume lasts all day without the damage that backcombing causes.

Overall I'm really pleased with Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion, it's an absolute star for flat hair because you can spritz it all over rather than just in your roots.

The V05 Plump It Up Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion (SPRAY!) is available from Superdrug for £3.69 (currently on 2 for £5.00) 

What's your favourite volumising product? 


  1. Vo5 are actually bringing out so many fab products just lately!!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  2. Oh I'd love to see a pic of your big hair! My aim in life is also big hair! haha x

  3. Loved your review! this is a product that I've been wanting to try recently but just haven't got round to trying it! lots of mixed reviews! might have to make a sneaky purchase and see what its like for myself :)

    Laura xox


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