Sunday, 3 February 2013


I know this is a teensy bit late but I've been waiting for my new camera to come, which still hasn't wahhhh!

So I thought I'd just go ahead with this anyway, all the stuff I've bought, I haven't needed, I just wanted it... so I got it.

  1. No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush - (£15 normally £25). I bought this in the vain hope that it would be a dupe for the Clarisonic which I can't afford as I'm a poor student. I haven't seen that many reviews on it so thought I'd would try it. My only worry is that the head fully oscillates whereas the Clarisonic half-twists, so it might be a bit rough.
  2. Nip+Fab Shine Fix - (£9.95). I 've heard great things about this brand and my current primer just isn't up to scratch when I have uni then work. No one wants to look like an oil slick.
  3. No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water for Normal/ Combination Skin - (£9) I really love the No7 makeover as they make the same product but specifically for your skin type. I've been wanting to get into a better cleansing routine and instead of using face wipes when I just can't be bothered at night, I thought this would be quick and easy to swipe over my visage (oh la la) with a cotton wool pad.
  4. Nip+Fab Spot Fix - (£9.95) My skin is really bad at the moment, I think it's a mixture of the weather and too many late nights
  5. Bourjois Express Eye Make-up Remover - (£4.99) This just appealed to me as you get to shake it up and down and the two part mix together. Fascinating science.
  6. Nspa Deep Hydrating Facial Oil - (£7) The first thing you'd probably think is "woah there Holly, you've got oily skin, why do you want to go putting oil on it?" This claims to be suitable for all skin types and although my skin gets oily, I think there is a difference between over moisturising it and nourishing it.
What have you been buying?

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