Saturday, 2 February 2013


I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join in as I'm a new blogger!

1. I have really deformed little fingers, they bend inwards.

2. I'm obsessed with dresses.

3. And ducks and penguins. I really love penguins.

4. I'm such a fussy eater, I wish I wasn't.

5. I'm going to live in Franceyland but hate cheese. Apart from cheddar. Cheddar is the love of my life.

6. I buy DVDs and then never watch them.

7. I can never remember anything.

8. I'm always cold, I really struggle to stay warm and sleep with 2 blankets and a duvet in the summer.

9. 37 is my lucky number, no idea why!

10. I am naturally so pale, my friends say I blend in with the snow.

11. I'm pretty much glued to my phone, I feel lost without it and have to check it last thing at night.

12. I can not eat apples without slicing them into little pieces

13. Percy Pigs are my all time favourite sweet.

14. I get claustrophobic, tunnels really freak me out and I have to close my eyes.

15. I like to watch any real crime programme. They fascinate me.

16. I have never ever had a Subway.

17. I have to wear a bracelet or something on my wrist everyday. Slightly OCD.

18. My favourite blogger at the moment is Khila from Miss Budget Beauty, she's so down to earth and genuine, I love how she posts everyday.

19. I hoard body butter. I must have at least 20 tubs full.

20. I would do anything for a Mulberry bag (within reason)

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