Monday, 6 January 2014

Ciaté Mini Paint Palette

Hello lovelies,

Let me start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year! I've fallen off the radar a bit, I've got exams coming up and I flew home for Christmas, so I've been super super busy with my friends and family. I thought about doing a Christmas Goodies post but my main gift was money and I had to leave lots of bits and pieces at home, but I did bring with me the Ciaté Mini Paint Palette.

This gorgeous little Mini Paint Palette set contains 8 of Ciaté's bestselling shades in mini form picked by Charlotte, the creator of Ciaté. I adore the Ciaté brand anyway, they're very innovative and always bringing out something new, so receiving this was a great surprise as I missed out on their advent calender! I just find the packaging so adorable and unique, the little bows are just the cutest and I'm in for anything that's just a little bit different. 

Although I haven't tried any of the mini's yet, I have used polishes from the brand before. The handles are easy to hold and not too fiddly that you make a mess and I find the polish always has a longlasting finish taking ages to chip. 

The shades include:
Spending Spree - a duo chrome with a lustrous finish
Power Dressing - a rich, dark blue
Mistress - a classic red
Dangerous Affair - a burgundy
Amazing Gracie - a soft, silky pink
Heirloom - a subtle purple with a pop of gold
Antique Brooch - a ruby with a golden glow
Looking Glass- a holographic silver with a rainbow pop

This kit has everything that a nail polish addict could want, it balances nudes with statement brights ans shimmers. These are the perfect size to pop in my hand luggage when travelling about. This set is lovely and the perfect gift! 

The Ciaté Mini Paint Palette is available from John Lewis for £25.00

Have you tried any of the Ciaté polishes?

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