Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sample Testing #1

Having a tidy up, I discovered a box full of samples. You know all those ones that you get free in magazines or the ones in hotels that you just can't bear to leave behind. Some are products that I just wouldn't have bothered to even look at but have been pleasantly surprised.

This is something that I would never have bought myself, I tend to pick up whatever shampoo is on offer in Boots for a couple of quid. Whilst on a birthday break in Liverpool, the hotel supplied all Ren products and as a lover of the Ren facemasks, I was pleased to try out some of their other products. This shampoo is very gentle and has a lovely fragrance, for me it's perfect for fine hair. It gently cleanses your hair and if I was looking to splash out on a shampoo, this would be on the list. 

Now I know I haven't pictured this but I threw it in a bag and can't find the little vial but it's definitely worth a mention, I really struggled to find a UK stockist for this, there are a few floating around on Amazon but with very little stock. I love receiving little vials of perfume, I hate lugging round a bottle with the risk of breaking it. This just reminds me of summer days, it has quite a heavy coconut scent but with undertones of fig which strengthen the longer it lingers. I used it whilst on holiday in Bulgaria and it just reminds me of all the lovely days I had. 

As much as I wanted to love this I just couldn't. I love the ethics of Balance Me as a company and this does a perfectly good job as a face wash but for me, it was the fragrance, Now I know that it is pretty much a natural product but it smells chemically. For something that I'm putting on my face daily, I want it to smell pleasant. I thought it was just me being overly fussy but I offered this sample to a friend to try when we were away and she said exactly the same thing. 

What samples have you been trying out lately?

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