Sunday, 16 August 2015

Feel Unique Sale Picks

Feel Unique is a go-to for any beauty addict, they've recently launched their 50% off sale and I found myself adding some incredible deals to my basket. A lot of the products/sets in this post are at 50% off or better which is such a fab deal!

Feel Unique Sale Picks

You must think I'm crazy buying a Christmas gift in the middle of summer but this is such a bargain! I'm buying a few and putting them away for Christmas (yes, I just mentioned the C word), they'll make great little stocking fillers. I really think Mavala are underrated as a brand, they're really good value and great quality. 

I usually sway away from anything celebrity endorsed but I own a couple of the matte lipsticks and they're just as good as MAC. I reach for shade 111 on a night out, a gorgeous orange toned red and have received nothing but compliments. I might add a couple of these to my basket, I'd be interested to see the colour payoff from some of the lighter shades. 

I'm a strong cucumber fan. I never thought I'd be saying that but I am. Both food wise and beauty wise. I've never tried anything from the Yes to... range before but these would be really handy to throw into my gym bag or for holidays. I tend to stray away from face wipes opting for a full cleanse but I would use this after a workout to freshen up. 

I read about this collection when it first came out and decided then and there that I needed something from it but unfortunately my budget doesn't quite stretch to YSL prices. The Corail Incandes shade is such a pretty colour for both cheeks and lips, and I suppose for the price, you are getting two products in one,

Like I've already said, I'm not the greatest fan of 'celebrity' endorsed products but I'm intrigued. Tanya Burr and Zoe Sugg deserve so much credit for the brands that they've built up but is all the hype for their brands just because of who they are or are their products actually any good?

I've never known a product to have such a long name! I always want a lighter base during the summer months but something that offers equally a great coverage and lasts all day. I've read a few reviews of this and think it could be the perfect product. Sparkling in the name does scare me slightly, I want to look natural and radiant, not like a glitter ball.

Pureology Highlight Stylist Luminator: £7.54
WHH tends to shy away from haircare. Normally I slap on a bit of heat protectant and that's about as far as I go. Its got be thinking though that I should be trying out more haircare products and not just those you find on the shelf in Boots.

Have you bought anything in the Feel Unique sale? 

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