Sunday, 23 August 2015

Boots Haul

On my way back from the gym this morning I nipped into Boots. Not that I needed anything, just out of lust for every single product in there. Not one to miss a bargain I headed to the reduced shelf and found myself a few bargains, the whole bag full came to £7!

I've heard so much about this moisturiser, when I lived in France I planned on trying it but never got round to picking up a tube. The price point has put me off up until now, it's not a product that I'll start using now. I plan on putting it away and whipping it out in the Winter when my skin is in need of a bit of TLC.

I'm not that fussy when it comes to hairspray, as long as it does the job and holds my hair in place without that crispiness then I'll be happy. Ojon is a brand that I've wanted to try for a while and if this is any good, I'll probably look into a few more of their products.

Soap & Glory Peaches & Cream Deep Cleansing Milk - £8.00
My beloved Body Shop Cucumber Cleanser has come to an end and I've started using a Ren cleanser which is just a bit too heavy for my skin currently. Back in't day, Khila from MissBudgetBeauty used to rave about this cleanser and I don't know why I've never picked up a bottle before now.

Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity Facial Wash - £8.00
I prefer a facial wash in the shower rather than a creamy cleanser and as this is advertised as being suitable for all skin types, I thought I would pick it up. Its got good reviews so I'm looking forward to using it.

Have you picked up any Boots bargains recently? 


  1. I'm completely with you here on having to pop into Boots even when you don't need anything, I do exactly the same, every single time!

    1. Haha it's so addictive! I don't want to miss out on any new releases x


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