Friday, 3 July 2015

Monthly Favourites / June

As if we're already in July! Where has the time gone? I started June by finishing my uni exams, and then followed that up with a trip to Bulgaria, coming back and finding out that I got the results I wanted! I'm now filling my time by working, volunteering at the local animal sanctuary (I want to take all the dogs home with me!) and I'm going through ice-cream like it's going out of style! Anyway down to business, here's my monthly roundup....

Soap & Glory Girlingo Body Moisturising Mist - £6.50
With the heatwave that has swept Britain, the last thing I want to do when stepping out of the shower is to slap on a thick body butter, I prefer something light that's going to sink in quickly. Girlingo has a lovely summery scent, that isn't overly sweet. Whilst I would look for a heavier more-intensive moisturiser in the winter, this is exactly the ticket during the summer months.

Fake Bake Amplify Daily Gradual Tan - £18.00
I'm slightly apprehensive when it comes to gradual tans, I find that they can go wrong pretty easily and I can end up looking like a streaky zebra. This product surprised me and I really love it. Besides giving you a natural glow, it works alongside your bodies own production of melanin helping to produce a natural tan, it also acts as a skin primer and helps to reduce the sight of all those bumps and lumps. The fragrance hit me the most, usually with fake tans, they have a particular biscuity aroma, this smells exactly like all the other Fake Bake products, a gorgeous fresh coconut scent.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Coconut - £3.99
This was my nail colour of last summer and I've brought it out again this year. Coconut is a creamy off-white. I've made my love known for Barry M Gelly Hi Shine's known in the past and this one is no different.

Ultrasun Anti-Ageing Sun Cream for Sensitive Skin SPF30 - £20.00
Now I'm only 23 and hardly in need of anti-ageing skincare but I received a sample of this and loved it. I prefer to use a specific suncream rather than a body one for my face and this was the perfect size to pop into my hand luggage. I would put this on in the morning and one application was enough to last the day, I never burnt and was able to develop a bit of colour. An added bonus is it's skin friendly and doesn't give the white cast effect in photos.

What were your favourites during June?


  1. I adore coconut! its such a good colour for my toes when my feet are tanned, and will have to try that Soap & Glory, sounds perfect for summer, great choices lovely

    www.Barely There | British Beauty, Lifestyle & Health blog


  2. Thank you! Coconut is so good with a tan! The Mist Spray is great for the summer months when you just can't be bothered waiting for a body butter to sink in x


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