Monday, 6 October 2014

Back to Uni / Study Tips

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Having been back at uni for precisely a week, I'm trying to get myself into work mode whereby I spend the odd hour in the library working rather than in Coffee Revolution chatting. 

I don't have the best attention span, I get very easily distracted, it's so easy to start off researching what judge so and so said for me and then end up on Facebook or browsing the latest additions to Asos. It's a constant struggle sticking to study and whilst I start off with a timetabled plan, it all goes to pot and I end up having several more tea breaks than I originally intended. 

Despite all that, I'm in my final year at uni where it all counts, so I'm really having to get my head down and tackle those textbooks. Juggling work, my blog, having a social life and studying is somewhat a balancing act. Here are some of my tips that I plan on sticking to:

Make studying a habit
Try and stick to a routine every week, once you're in that routine you won't notice any difference. Whether you decide you study better in the evening than in the morning, make a plan and stick to it. With a busy schedule this can be hard but by making time now, when you come up to your exams, it will be fresh in your head and you'll be refreshing yourself, rather than learning from scratch. 

Make yourself a study plan
I don't know about you but I like to carve out what I'm doing and when. I love making a colour-coded study plan that meticulously details what I'm studying when. As part of my degree is French, I like to take bite-sized topics and I might say "okay, I'm learning immigration on Monday night and during my Tuesday morning study session, I'll have a look at forming the past historic tense" This makes learning so much more manageable and at the end of the week, I'll have a Sunday afternoon recap, you'll probably surprise yourself with how much you've retained as you haven't tried to cram it all in.

Take a break
There's no point studying all the time, you need to take breaks. There'll become a point where you can no longer absorb any more information and you end up getting everything mixed up. The way forward is to take regular breaks to refresh yourself and take a breather. For every hour, I schedule in 15 minutes to have a snack, a wander and a chat. I come back to my desk ready to work.

What are your top study tips?

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