Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Empties /2

Hello lovelies,

I had to go all the way back to June to find my last empties instalment, so it's definitely time to share with you what has been used up and is now heading swiftly in the direction of the bin. There's not a ton of products here considering when my last empties post was but I have the habit of just chucking empty packaging away without even thinking about it.

I confess I used to be a complete eye make up remover phobe. I thought that my everyday cleanser removed it all but I kept waking up with smeared mascara on my pillow and no one wants to llok like a crummy eyed panda. This was my first venture into the eye make up remover world and I was impressed, it did a good job at removing waterproof mascara, it's a bit oily but that's what you expect from a bi-phase remover. My niggle was and still is the packaging, the lid was ridicously secure and very difficult to open, there should be a little bobble bit on the top but that broke off.
Verdict - If Bourjois rethought the packaging, it would be a repurchase.

To me, a toner is a toner, unless it promises to exfoliate and then it's on the next level. This didn't break me out and took off any residue, which is what it's meant to do. I'm going to keep this short as I don't think it's even available within the UK anymore.
Verdict - Probably not if it was available, there's other toners that are cheaper and do exactly the same job.

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - £3.29 (currently 2 for £4.00)
This might seem a bit of an odd one to include but we all use it and it's a product that I've used up. As far as I can remember it did the job and had a really lovely fresh and feminine fragrence.
Verdict - I normally buy whatever is on offer, but I wouldn't rule this out.

Now those with a good memory will remember that I did a full post dedicated to this little beauty. It is a dupe for the infamous YSL Touche Eclat but with slightly heavier coverage. I was surprised by the coverage and how much it brightens my undereyes but it doesn't crease at all. 
Verdict - I have since discovered the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, but this is an old favourite. 

What can I say about this little wonder which hasn't already been said? Everyone and their mother has a tube of this somewhere. It's a medium to high coverage concealer that hands down beats high end concealers.
Verdict - Have repurchased already, I'm never without a tube of this.

Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo - £2.69 (currently on 2 for £4.00)
I've already raved about this in my Shower Time Essentials, it's a really great shampoo for my hair type. It doesn't weigh my hair down, leaves it feeling squeaky clean, looking and feeling healthy.
Verdict - Already onto my second bottle

Have you done an empties post recently? 


  1. The collection concealer is such a must have haha. Great post! If you're looking for a really great eye make-up remover, Lancome does a great one :)


    1. Oooh thank you! I shall have to have a look at the Lancome one, may be slightly out of my budget though! xx

  2. I am obsessed with the collection concealer!

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, check it out here xx

    1. It's great! Thank you, I will definitely be doing that! xx

  3. I love these posts, I used to love the collection concealer until it started giving me spots :( I really want to try the L'Oreal concealer!
    Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

    1. That's such a shame as it's great coverage! The L'Oreal concealor is fantastic for the undereyes xx

  4. I love the Bourjois's products (especially for removing make-up) - great choice!


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